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Our Story

Vaughan’s Collection was born in the vibrant metropolis of Miami as art therapy and hope for lead artist Carolina Vaughan. Our collection’s style is a bohemian-chic fusion reflecting our year round orange sunsets, lush green palm trees, and sandy beaches. Our brand took its inspiration from the hibiscus, which is a tropical flower that blooms year-round all around us. Transforming this inspiration, we have several jewelry artists who lovingly hand-craft unique designs in tropical chic fashion. 

At Vaughan’s Collection, it is our pleasure to make the designs that are always fit to draw you compliments. Take home the flavor of the tropics with you, and be sure to share your stories and pictures with us. We love it when you love it! 


Mission Statement

The trailblazing, soul invigorating artists at Vaughan’s Collection take pride in bringing and creating high quality, affordable pieces born from their exceptional vision of beauty. Our level of care for our clientele coupled with our team synergy form the foundation of our company. We hope to inspire others worldwide to be creative forces, to express their uniqueness, and exude joy of life.

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